Teachers, pupils and parents love MyMaths because lessons are clearly laid out and they fit current recommended practice.

A whole host of lessons, homework, games and tools entertain and challenge pupils, while staying focussed on the maths.

Additionally, our booster packs help pupils prepare for Key Stage assessment in Year 6.

MyMaths can also help non-specialist teachers and parents brush up, just when they need it.
I just wanted to drop you a line about MyMaths. I have been teaching over thirty years and can honestly say this is the best software I have ever purchased. There are so many positives about it for our Year 5 and year 6 classes.

I love the way I can see who has been on the program and how they have fared. The APP link is great as is the record of the progress of the whole group of children. I have found the interactive and super-clear explanations adding to my lessons. The fact that children can have immediate feedback and track their own progress is wonderful.

It motivates the less able and offers real challenge to the high-flyers. I have always offered a lunch time computer club to help boost my set but now it is a MyMaths Club!

Mrs Critch-Higham
Heyes Lane Junior School