MyMaths is an online maths resource for schools in Australia. It provides easy access to a wide range of lesson content aligned to schemes of work. Homework tasks support the lessons while the resources also offer tools, games, challenges and investigations plus transitional boosters and senior lessons. Importantly, MyMaths provides maths content across all schools from primary through secondary to senior colleges and special schools.

Student learning based on MyMaths is particularly valuable when integrated with an interactive whiteboard.  

MyMaths offers a fully interactive teaching and learning solution for all ages and abilities. Every student from Early Stages to Senior levels can enjoy 24-hour access whether at school, home or on holiday.

MyMaths content is written by practicing maths teachers for maths teachers and their students. MyMaths has always been about listening to teachers and responding to their needs.

MyMaths is a complete online package. It incorporates everything you need to manage your class and to deliver quality lessons.

A powerful Assessment Management system allows teachers to deliver lessons in an entertaining and dynamic way and to track effectively the progress and performance gradation of their students.



In our experience, teaching is most effective when the teacher has more time to focus directly on the class rather than being tied up illustrating concepts on the board.

The MyMaths animations, tools and randomised questions help teachers demonstrate concepts more effectively.

To help you get a clearer idea of our methodology, we’ve provided some sample lessons. Why not try these sample lessons next time you teach these topics?

Students can also access these lessons from home for revision.



Each MyMaths lesson is paired with an Online Homework to assess understanding. These use randomly generated numbers so that every time you go back to a task the questions change!

This makes our Online Homeworks far more realistic and effective as students are continually challenged each time they attempt a task.

Booster Packs


Each Booster Pack offers a stand-alone block of work targeted at specific achievement boundaries.  The Threebooster and Fourbooster packs all have an emphasis on learning and game playing to consolidate skills, while other packs have a more exam-based style.

Within the packs, each folder of work is tied together with a four-page Online Worksheet. These can give students a real boost, crucial at exam time, when confidence can make a real difference to their results.



Now here’s the really fun bit: the fantastic range of MyMaths games that are available, each one tailored to provide a bit of fun, and a lot of practice. 

We love games at MyMaths, and believe they are an ideal way of getting students to consolidate their maths skills.


MyMaths is an invaluable resource which I use on a daily basis. It uses language that supports my teaching of concepts and provides prepared lessons that are dynamic and interesting for a range of students. MyMaths is also great for differentiating your teaching within the same classes.

Luke Kerr, Mornington Secondary College, VIC

I teach Year 8 to Year 12 including Gifted and Talented students. MyMaths is an excellent addition to my teaching. I use the lessons daily and students access it at home. I set online homework weekly and monitor students using the Assessment Manager. It’s a great website and a great teaching and learning resource.

Sasha Brennan, Duncraig Senior High School, WA

I had my Year 9 class using MyMaths this morning and they loved it and the class was soooo quiet. My lower capability students liked the idea of working at their own pace. They felt at the end of the period that they had achieved something.

Rachel Strawhorn, Sunbury College, VIC

I was introduced to MyMaths through the UK web site and was impressed immediately by the concept of presening the development of lessons which engaged students and was focused on their learning. This approach has been missing in other online maths web sites because they basically mirrored textbook learning rather than contemporary learning. I am delighted that MyMaths is now available to Australian schools from Primary to Secondary years.

Michael Skrill, Pittwater High School, NSW

We have only just started using MyMaths at my school in Australia, I think it’s fantastic. I use MyMaths for independent learning where students access it to develop knowledge and skills for a new topic as a teaching tool for introducing new topics. Its interactive nature and excellent graphics make it very inclusive; far better than any other online learning program I have seen or used.

Patsy Toland, Frankston High School, VIC

Having used MyMaths extensively for several years I can’t wait to use it in Australia. Excellent resources at an incredible price.

Hannah Dashwood, Mont Sant Angelo Mercy College, NSW

I have just learned about the launch of the Australian MyMaths site. This is great news! I have found MyMaths to be a great resource.

Andrew Joy, John Pirie Secondary School, SA

I’m a big fan of MyMaths! I think an Australian online service would be wonderful. I went to a Maths conference in Melbourne recently and many teachers said they were starting to use MyMaths.

Wayne Hardy, Balcombe Grammar School, VIC

MyMaths is very interactive and captures the competitive spirit of students. Students who dislike homework will redo it to get 100%, or do a “Beat-the-Clock” activity to at least beat their friends.

Maths Teacher, Balranald Central School, NSW

When I first looked at MyMaths Australia I thought that here at last was a resource which actually developed each lesson in the way an experienced teacher would in the classroom.

Teacher, NSW

Learning really benefits from communication between home and school. MyMaths provides the link for teachers to really involve the parents with their children’s studies.

Chris Straughan, Findon High School, SA